Other Titles

Reign XL Invested Titles

*Half Emperor, Danny Hayes
*Half Empress, Adrienne Alexander
*First Gentleman to Star Emperor XL, Stefan Hart
*First Lady to Star Empress XL, Tia D. Valentine
*Princess Royale to Reign XL, Vaj L’Eville Woo Caliente’
*Consort to Star Emperor XL, David Sherman
*Consort to Star Empress XL, Noel Mahu
*Duke & Dutchess of Polk County, Egg & FabuLanzaa
*Duke & Dutchess of Marion County, Oren Octavia & Simply DeVine
*Duke & Dutchess of Lincoln County, Danette & Elinore
*Dutchess of Yamhill County, Hella Mess
*Dutchess of Linn County, Donna Biggs
*Duke & Dutchess of Benton County, Ares & Priscilla Caliente’
*Minister of Protocol to Reign XL, Robert Monroe
*Minister of Social Media to Reign XL, Tragic Demise
*Grand Dukes of Liquid Courage to Reign XL, Troy & David
*Beloved Mistress of Mixology, Connie Woo
*Beloved Minister of Mixology, Jeff
*Mistress of “Keeping It Real”, R’Deena Woo
*Protector of the Empress’ Lips, Monica Boulevard
*Stylist to their Majesties, Lylac
*The Future of the Stars, James, Achlee, Kelli, Janessa
*Royal Mother of Kindness & Generosity, Mary R.
*Royal Mother of Kindness & Generosity, Mary A.
*Royal Photographers to Reign XL, Lonnie & Kim Thurston
*Brother of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, Emperor Shelly
*Brother of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, David Harrison White
*Brother of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, Bill Spencer
*Brother of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, Nicholas Storm
*Sister of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, Empress Jane
*Sister of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, Empress Diva Disaster
*Sister of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, Empress Daphne Bertha Storm
*Sister of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, Summer Lynn Seasons
*Sister of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, Merry Lubealot
*Sister of Unity & Friendship to Reign XL, Rikki Royale
*Royal Interpreter to the Empress, Vivica Valentine
*Star Empress XL’s Charmed Ones, The Fish Market
*Sophisticated Lady of Unity & Friendship, Hellin Heels
*Soul Sister to the Empress, Empress Karess Ann Slaughter
*Imperial Grandma of Unity & Friendship, Empress Stephanie Foxx
*Imperial Daddy of Unity & Friendship, Emperor Daddy Frank
*Keeper of the MacPherson Memory, Char Star MacPherson
*Keeper of the MacPherson Style, Dr. Chance de Valmont
*Keeper of the MacPherson Heart, Sunshine Ray MacPherson
*The Empress’ Catchers Mit, Erik Pollard
*Guardian of the Tea, Tina Louise Sapphire Dior
*Beloved Niece of Reign XL, Bre Caliente’

Closet Ball King & Queen

1993 – Reign 16
*Closet Ball Queen, Miss Savannah Lee
1994 – Reign 17
1995 – Reign 18
1996 – Reign 19
1997 – Reign 20
1998 – Reign 21
1999 – Reign 22
2000 – Reign 23
2001 – Reign 24
*Closet Ball Queen, Simply DeVine
2002 – Reign 25
*Closet Ball Queen, Foxxy Woo
2003 – Reign 26
2004 – Reign 27
2005 – Reign 28
2006 – Reign 29
2007 – Reign 30
*Closet Ball King, Laura
*Closet Ball Queen, FabuLanzaa L’Eville
2008 – Reign 31
*Closet Ball King, Culo Cravings Woo
*Closet Ball Queen, Euphoria Woo
2009 – Reign 32
*Closet Ball Queen, Ivan
2010 – Reign 33
*Closet Ball Queen, Betty LeeBoop
2011 – Reign 34
*Closet Ball Queen, Leona Lucy Pucker
2012 – Reign 35
*Closet Ball King, BlowMe Doll
*Closet Ball Queen, VaJayJay Woo
*Ms. Closet Ball Queen, Gypsie Roxx
2013 – Reign 36
*Closet Ball King, Joe King
*Closet Ball Queen, ChiChi Caliente
2014 – Reign 37
2015 – Reign 38
2016 – Reign 39
*Mrs. Closet Ball Queen, Rose’
*Miss Closet Ball Queen, Pastel Pastry
2017 – Reign 40
*Closet Ball King, NessQuick
*Closet Ball Queen, Nast’asia 

(*This is a working list of titles and some are pending verification)