Coronation 2018

 The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Willamette Empire along with
Star Emperor XL, Jonny Woo Foxx & Star Empress XL, RiRi Caliente’


Coronation 41:
“A Night of Ghouls & Glam”

March 16-18, 2018

In Town Dinner & Awards: Wednesday, March 14, 7:00pm
Southside Speakeasy
Monarchs Hospitality: Friday, March 16, Time TBA
Location TBA
Out of Town Show: Friday, March 16, Time TBA
Southside Speakeasy
Hospitality: Saturday, March 17, 11:00am
Location TBA
Coronation 41: Saturday, March 17, Time TBA
Location TBA
Victory Brunch: Sunday, March 18, Time TBA
Southside Speakeasy

Host Hotel:


Program Book:
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Coronation Chairs: Robert Dickerson & Adam Barcelona,
Mailing Address – ISCWE, P.O. Box 2263, Salem, OR 97308

40 Year: Star Emperor I, Dannette & Star Empress I, Alexondria (In Loving Memory)
35 Year: Star Emperor VI, Erik & Star Empress VI, Purscilla (In Loving Memory)
30 Year: Star Emperor XI, Timm (In Loving Memory) & Star Empress XI, Dynacee
25 Year: Star Emperor XVI, Barb & Star Empress XVI, Nasty Attutide St. James
20 Year: Star Emperor XXI, Linda & Star Empress XXI, Sinnamen Snapp Rose
15 Year: Star Empress XXVI, Ifeelya Right St. James
10 Year: Star Emperor XXXI, Stingray Slaughter
5 Year: Star Emperor XXXVI, Oren Octavia & Star Empress XXXVI, Simply DeVine
Dowager: Star Empress XXXIX, Victoria A’Belle