Coronation 2019

  The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Willamette Empire along with
Star Empress XLI, Sunshine Ray MacPherson DuPont Dix


Coronation 42:
The Never Ending Story of the Stars: Choose Your Own Adventure
March 2019


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Mailing Address – ISCWE, P.O. Box 2263, Salem, OR 97308

40 Year: Star Emperor II, Bonnie (In Loving Memory) & Star Empress II, Arlene (In Loving Memory)
35 Year: Star Emperor VII, Les & Star Empress VII, Dynacee
30 Year: Star Emperor XII, Barb & Star Empress XII, Brinkley St. James
25 Year: Star Emperor XVII, Della & Star Empress XVII, Nancy
20 Year: Reign XXII Board of Directors
15 Year: Star Emperor XXVII, Dino DeVine Foxx & Star Empress XXVII, Gabi Lafay
10 Year: Star Emperor XXXII, Miles Octavia & Star Empress XXXII, Rikki Lee
5 Year: Star Empress XXXVII, Sapphire Lappe DeVine
Dowager: Star Emperor XL, Jonny Woo Foxx & Star Empress XL, RiRi Caliente’