College of Monarchs

The Reign: The Metamorphosis of the Stars

Reign 43: Star Emperor 43, James Van Gogh


Star Empress 43, Kertie Wright St. James DuPont

College of Monarchs

Vanguard Empress: Sarrina

Star Emperor I, Danette &
Star Empress I, Alexondria

Star Emperor II, Bonnie &
Star Empress II, Arlene

Star Emperor III, Renee &
Star Empress III, Shawna Lee

Star Emperor IV, Danny &
Star Empress IV, Shannon

Star Emperor V, Bob &
Star Empress V, Patricia


Star Emperor VI, Erik &
Star Empress VI, Purscilla

Star Emperor VII, Les &
Star Empress VII, Dynacee

Star Emperor VIII, Steve

Star Emperor IX, Ray &
Star Empress IX, DeDe

Star Emperor X, John &
Star Empress X, Lateis

Star Emperor XI, Timm &
Star Empress XI, Dynacee

Star Emperor XII, Barb &
Star Empress XII, Brinkley St. James

Star Emperor XIII, Darrell &
Star Empress XIII, Shawna Lee

Star Emperor XIV, John &
Star Empress XIV, Ashley Doll


Star Emperor XV, Jon &
Star Empress XV, Linda


Star Emperor XVI, Barb &
Star Empress XVI, Nasty Attitude St. James

Star Emperor XVII, Della &
Star Empress XVII, Nancy

Star Emperor XVIII, Barb &
Star Empress XVIII, Ariel Doll

Star Empress XIX, Deja Vue St. James

Star Emperor XX, Jim &
Star Empress XX, Flo

The Destiny of the Stars

Star Emperor XXI, Linda &
Star Empress XXI, Sinnamen Snapp Rose

Reign XXII, Regent Board of Directors

The Imagination of the Stars

Star Emperor XXIII, Della &
Star Empress XXIII, Lydia Octavia

The Integrity of the Stars

Star Emperor XXIV, Jack E. Devine &
Star Empress XXIV, Morgan Lafay

The Reflection of the Stars

Star Emperor XXV, Jack E. Devine &
Star Empress XXV, Fawntain Devine

The Re-Birth of the Stars

Star Empress XXVI, Ifeelya Right St. James

The Fantasy of the Stars

Star Emperor XXVII, Dino Devine Foxx &
Star Empress XXVII,
Gabi LaFay

The Intensity of the Stars

Star Emperor XXVIII, Cameron Octavia Snapp &
Star Empress XXVIII, Alyssa Octavia Snapp

The Resiliance of the Stars

Star Emperor XXIX, Alexander &
Star Empress XXIX, Nancy

The Galaxy of the Stars

Star Emperor XXX, Della &
Star Empress XXX, Nancy

The Radiance of the Stars

Star Emperor XXXI, Stingray Slaughter

The Enchantment of the Stars

Star Emperor XXXII, Miles Octavia &
Star Empress XXXII, Rikki Lee

The Madness of the Stars

Star Empress XXXIII, Kertie Right St. James Dupont

The Intention of the Stars

Star Empress XXXIV, FabuLanzaa L’Eville

The Insanity of the Stars

Star Emperor XXXV, Howie Doll St. James Dupont
Star Empress XXXV, Elinor Doll St. James Dupont

The Passion of the Stars

Star Emperor XXXVI, Oren Octavia
Star Empress XXXVI, Simply Devine


The Honesty and Divinity of the Stars

Star Empress XXXVII, Sapphire Lappe Devine


The History of the Stars



 The Unity of the Star

Star Emperor XL, Jonny Woo Foxx & 
Star Empress XL, RiRi Caliente’ 


 The Never Ending Story of the Stars

Star Empress XLI, Star Empress XLI, Sunshine Ray MacPherson DuPont Dix


The Reign of The Continuation of the Stars

Reign 42, Bob, Ariel, Ina, Della, Darrell, Danny, Miles, Rikki, Kertie & Sunshine